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Coloured Contact Lenses

When we think about contact lenses we usually think about wearing them to achieve better vision and to give our eyes a rest from glasses. Yet, these days, search online and you'll notice that contact lenses can be purchased in Australia in a range of colours to suit every customer taste . Such products give us the chance to change the look of our eyes in the same sort of way we’d change our hairstyle or makeup to something new. People like coloured contact lenses because they add pizzazz to any look.

When browsing contact lenses, colour options are many and varied. Choose new contacts in any shade that appeals to you, such as honey, sapphire, amethyst, grey, turquoise, green, blue, etc. Place orders for items with a natural colour a little darker or lighter than your own, or buy contact lenses colours that give you a more bold, look-at-me effect.

While contacts with colour on them typically cost more than traditional contact lenses because they have to be manufactured for your prescription, coloured contact lenses are also more affordable and readily available than ever. Enjoy convenient shipping to your door with free delivery on your order when you spend over a set amount in the store, too.

At Contact Connection, we only sell top quality products with a lens you can trust. Search and buy coloured lenses designed by any top brand, whenever you want to refresh your look and make the need to wear lenses for vision feel a little more fun and freeing. Note, too, that you can also buy non-corrective coloured contacts in Australia, if you currently have perfect vision.

Read below for the lowdown on buying coloured contact lenses, or get in touch with our friendly customer service staff today. The team is on hand to give every customer any information they might need about coloured contacts and how to place orders for new lenses, with or without an online account.

Is it safe to wear a coloured contact lens?

Yes, a contact lens with a hue on it is safe for you to wear, provided the products you purchase are prescribed, used, and cared for properly. Treat them as you would non-coloured lenses.

You need to see a professional for an eye exam and to receive the right prescription. If you haven't worn contact lenses before, it also pays to have someone do a fitting for you the first time to teach you how to use contacts safely so you don't harm your eyes.

Quality branded contact lenses, coloured or not, are optometrist and eye doctor approved in Australia and abroad, so the particular colours you choose don't matter. However, something that is important to know is that coloured contacts are made of materials that don't let as much oxygen get to the cornea eyes as other contacts. Customers need to avoid sleeping in any coloured lenses as a result. If you have dry eyes, you'll be pleased to learn that some brands of coloured contacts provide better oxygen penetration, so choose the best product for your needs.

Also, be aware that many special-occasion costume contacts are for sale in Australia and overseas for events like Halloween or for themed dress up parties. The problem with many of these contacts that feature patterns or are completely black or white or otherwise weird and wonderful is that most of the time the materials used to make them are outdated. This can lead to eye irritations and other issues. Many eye care professionals do not recommend such coloured products as a result.

How does a colour contact lens work?

Colour is added to contact lenses in the outer areas. The middle of the lens must be clear, as this lines up with the iris. Light must be able to travel through to let you see correctly.

When you buy lenses with nifty hues on them, do take care that your pupil is centred appropriately with the hole in the lens. Your vision could be affected if not. This is particularly an issue at night when the pupil tends to get bigger.

How do I choose coloured lenses?

You might think it's simple to go online and add pretty hued lenses to your shopping cart, but there are many products on offer so please select carefully. You'll need a prescription to buy the contacts, even if you have perfect vision. An optometrist or specialist doctor will help you ensure you end up with contacts that provide enough oxygen to your eyes and don't cause any medical or comfort issues.

Once you have your prescription, shop online for any of the different hues you like, provided they match the prescription parameters your practitioner gave you. Experiment with shades over time and get to see, first hand best what suits you best and feels most comfortable.

When browsing product ranges, note that there are:

  • "Enhancement" tints that provide only a subtle eye colour change. These enhance your natural shade.
  • "Vivid" tints that attract more attention because they're brighter, bolder hues. And a new variety of coloured lens called "circle", "doll's eye" or "Limbal rings". These increase the appearance of your pupil size through only placing colour in a ring around the outer edges of a contact lens.