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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

An increasingly popular type of contact lens are single-use lenses. Daily disposable contacts, or “dailies”, as they’re called, are worn once, for a day, and then removed and discarded before bed. You put a fresh pair of lenses into your eyes the next day, and daily after that, meaning you always have clean, comfortable contacts in.

Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

Many people see daily disposables as being better than other types of contact lenses, but it does depend on numerous factors. Some people need to wear different types of contacts to suit their individual vision or eye health. However, daily contact lens products have won many fans from consumers to optometrists and other eye care practitioners because they provide a range of health and convenience benefits.

There are many pluses to enjoy from using daily disposables. For example, when wearing these contact lenses, you enjoy crystal-clear vision every day. You see well because you always have the comfort of a clean, new, fresh pair of lenses in that don’t have any build up on them.

Over time, a contact lens can get coated with calcium, protein, lipids and various other substances, most of which come from tears in your eyes. Not only do these deposits potentially cloud your vision, but they also make your lenses less comfortable. While people do spend time on lens care by using contact lens solution and other products daily, cleaning is not often 100 percent effective. Some deposits remain and accumulate over time. This can, in turn, also make your eyes more prone to infections.

The truth is, if you want your eyes to be as healthy as possible and always feeling fresh, it pays to replace contact lenses regularly. With dailies contact lens options, this is ensured. Eye care professionals recommend daily disposable lenses because they're convenient and comfortable, don’t need cleaning or storage, are readily available, don’t need to be worn overnight, and are healthy for the eye.

If you want to say goodbye to the stress of proper contact lens cleaning and storage, or the need to try to remember when to replace your disposable contacts, opt for single daily disposables.  All you have to remember then is to wear a new pair of lenses when you wake up in the morning!

Many people wear their contact lenses for too long. They use the same lenses until they notice discomfort and dry eye. By the time they’re at this stage, though, they've often damaged their eyes and don’t want to rush back into wearing contact lenses again. Avoid this situation by choosing daily disposable contact lenses for cheap online. Most professional lens brands make this type of contact now, so you'll see many contacts online to choose from. Plus, with online contacts, you can buy from the comfort of your own home without having to even enter a busy shopping centre!

Most people have questions about disposable contacts that are worn for one day only. Here’s what you need to know:

Can you wear daily contact lenses more than once?

Statistically, a high number of people who use contact lenses wear them for longer than the recommended length of time. This can cause not only discomfort but also issues for the eyes, so it’s important to replace your contacts at regular intervals as per manufacturer and eye doctor or optometrist recommendations.

With daily disposable contact lenses, consumers should take them out each night and throw them away, replacing them with brand new products every morning. These daily contact lenses are not meant to be reused. They are for one-time usage. (Note, though, that daily reusable contacts that are designed to be worn for a week, fortnight, 30 days or other period are intended to be reused. These lenses each have a specific replacement schedule depending on their type.)

It’s not wise to wear daily disposables more than the recommended single day because doing so can increase your risk of eye infection and other eye-related issues.

How many hours can I wear daily lenses?

If you've been a life-long wearer of multifocal glasses or other spectacles, or if you’re new to wearing contacts as your vision has recently gone downhill, it can be challenging knowing how long to wear contact lenses each day. To help you work out what is right for you, consider your comfort level and experience with contacts.

Daily contact lenses are designed to be able to be worn for a full day without a problem, although those who are trying to get used to having lenses in may need to work up to this amount of time. Your eyes will adjust to the sensation of contact lenses more over time.

With daily contacts, some people like to only wear them for eight hours a day, while others will keep them in for sixteen hours. It all comes down to personal preference and factors such as dry eyes, sensitivity, and what your work environment is like. If you’re not sure what's right for you, speak with a professional for further information.

Daily contact lenses are the perfect choice for many people. Search online today to find the best daily disposables for you, from the brand you know and love or a new company. Daily lenses don’t cost the earth, but can help you to find the level of contact comfort you’ve always wanted.