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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

How much is delivery?

Don't forget it's FREE delivery for all orders over $150 so please take advantage of our offer! Otherwise all other deliveries cost a flat rate of $12

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely, we ship globally! For international orders please email us to find to find out costs.

How long will my delivery take?

For contact lens orders only: Not long! We're proud of our quick delvieries. If you live in a metro area of Australia or New Zealand delivery is usually 1 - 3 business days. Regional and rural areas take a little longer so please allow about 3 - 5 business days (sorry guys!). Also please remember that some types of contact lenses can take longer than others which include toric (or astigmatism) contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses and prescription coloured contact lenses - Please allow a few extra days if you're using these lenses.

Please allow 1 - 2 week delivery time for sunglasses and prescription eyewear.

Occassionally your lenses can be on backorder, which means our suppliers have run out of stock. Sometimes this can take an extra 2 weeks, Yikes! However don't despair. We understand how tough it can be without your contacts (some of us working here wear them here too), we'll do our best to organise some spare lenses to help tide you over until your order arrives and because we're all about keeping you happy it's a free service!

For prescription eyewear orders: Prescription lenses may need to be ground, cut, coated and polished. We endeavour to deliver your frames within a week however some prescriptions and types of lenses can take a little longer.

Prescription Eyewear

I have no idea what I'm doing when I'm ordering eyewear. Can I send you my prescription?

Absolutely! We encourage people to do this so we can triple check everything. Just email your prescription to: along with frame model you want and we'll do the rest!

What kind of lenses do you use?

All our prescription lenses in spectacles come with an Anti-reflective coating (also known as a multi-coat) to reduce glare and increase visibility, UV coating to protect your eyes from harmful rays and a Scratch Resistant coating.

Before your eyewear is despatched, your lenses are digitally measured in our lab to ensure your prescription is accurately fitted.

Do I need a prescription for my glasses?

Yes, you'll need details of your prescription to make an order. Your optometrist can give you a copy of your glasses prescription after you've had an eye test. Your prescription needs to include your PD (Pupilliary distance) measurement.

We are also happy to call your optometrist for you to obtain your prescription. We just need your:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • What is my PD?

    Your PD (pupil distance) is the distance between your pupils. This is a required measurement to make your eye glasses and should be (but isn't always!) included on your glasses prescription. There are 2 different formats for your pupil distance. A binocular PD which has just one number usually between 50 to 78 and a monocular PD which has 2 sets numbers usually between 25 to 39

    If your prescription doesn't have a PD you can measure it yourself. Email us and we will guide you through the process.

    Why can't I enter my sunglass prescription? There is no selection for my prescription.

    Because we believe in giving our customers quality eyewear we have limited the prescriptions available for sunglasses. This is to ensure your prescription lenses fit safely and properly in your new sunglasses. Unfortunately higher prescriptions don't always fit well in sunglasses and may end up being too thick or heavy. We have limited our prescription sunglass range to:
  • Sphere Power between -3.00 and +3.00
  • Cyl Power between -2.00 and +2.00
  • Is my contact lens prescription the same as my glasses prescription?

    The prescription for your glasses is different from your contact lens prescription. Your contact lens prescription will have details of your contact lens power, base Curve (BC), diameter (DIA), and brand of lenses you have been fitted for. If you do not have a contact lens prescription you can obtain it from your eye care practitioner.

    Can I order Multifocal/Bifocal lenses?

    Multifocal and Bifocal lenses require additional measurements on the frame in order to be accurately made. Unfortunately you will need a qualified optician to do do these markings. You can however just purchase the frame only from us and take it into your optician and have the lenses made.

    Returns Policy

    Can I return my contact lenses, glasses or sunglasses?

    We want you to be happy with your goods. If for any reason you're not happy with your your order you may return it for a full refund, replacement or exchange within 60 days of purchase. This even includes all prescription eyewear, we'll even pay for the return!

    To return your order please email us at and let us know whether you would like a new pair, refund or replacement. We'll reply with instructions on how to make your return.

    Are your products covered by warranty?

    We're crazy about looking after you and our warranty policy reflects that. Our warranty will cover any type of damage to the frame and scratches on the lenses! Just send them back and we'll replace them free of charge for upto 12 months. If your frame cannot be repaired, we'll give you a new one. If it's no longer in stock, you may choose another frame of equal value from our range. Pinky swear!

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